Pricing policy of Airlines


Almost all airlines have a dynamic pricing policy. This means that the cost of a ticket for a particular destination varies depending on the date of departure and the date of purchase of the ticket, the seasonal schedule, the frequency of flights, as well as the number of seats available on the flight.

The ticket pricing system is an internationally recognized successful practice that allows airlines to ensure the maximum possible load on a particular flight while also keeping free seats for those category of passengers who need to travel for urgent reasons.

The tariff policy provides for several booking classes on each flight with a predetermined ticket price – from the lowest to the highest. First, the cheapest fares are sold, and as the seats on aircraft are occupied, the cost of each next fare increases. This encourages passengers to buy tickets in advance and allows the airline to guarantee that there is a sufficient number of passengers on the plane.

Fare classes should not be confused with service classes – that is, economy class or business class. Each service class can include several tariff classes. They may also differ in terms of refund or exchange of tickets.

It is also worth noting that airline’s expenses have increased significantly during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is mainly due to the increase in the cost of fuel, ground handling at airports for disinfection of aircraft and other factors.

Nevertheless, when purchasing a ticket each passenger can save money by purchasing it at the most reasonable price. To do this, we advise you to plan your trip in advance – 2-3 months before departure, or preferably as soon as the start of sales is announced. It will be also more profitable to buy round-trip tickets rather than purchasing tickets for each direction separately. It should also be taken into account that during the high travel season – for example, during the summer holidays, New Year or other holidays, tickets are sold out much faster; therefore, they will be more expensive. And those who are the first to plan their trip will be able to purchase tickets at the best price.